Oxford Circus, London

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Snapped this one after work this week. Such an interesting intersection to what the fluidity of human movement. That is, until the traffic lights turn green.

Cycling in London: Barbican to Camden Town

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A quick repost of a film I put together a little while ago with a Go Pro strapped to my helmet on my bike in London. Yes, I run a couple of red lights in this. The reason why? Traffic lights were made for cars.

Why do people love Times Square?

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A film by Michael Tapp.

Red light protest in Utrecht, Netherlands

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This film very logically sets out the reasons why traffic lights and long waiting traffic times are so fundamentally wrong for people riding bicycles. While set in the context of Utrecht, this film presents a strong case for improved cycling infrastructure across the globe.

“People cycling don’t need traffic lights, they are only there for motor traffic. Well-designed intersections can do without signals. Some older lights were literally taken off their posts before in Utrecht, because people wanted them to go away. Even on busy intersections, that posses no problems. Where signals remain, they annoy people… And they will ride on a red light when that is perfectly possible. Most of the time without any harm to people… It can even be safer to ride when other traffic doesn’t.

But the Utrecht Police has a different opinion. They recently stopped and ticketed 144 people who cycled on red at one junction in Utrecht and it caused chaos because now everybody stopped at that traffic light there was a bicycle traffic jam. This traffic jam was never there when people made their own decisions.

… It is time that the reality of so many people cycling is reflected in the infrastructure.”

The Runners, Victoria Park

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This amazing little film demonstrates how a singular public space in a city can represent such an incredible cross-section of society. A beautiful range of histories, personalities and ways of life have been captured through the lens of Victoria Park. Have a watch.

If bikes took up the space of cars

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Photo courtesy Lets Bike It/VK

Photo courtesy Lets Bike It/VK

As part of International Car Free Day, some Latvian cyclists showed the difference between the amount of space that bikes and cars take up on the road. What an awesome idea! Check here for more details.

Architectural Innovation Driven by Necessity

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