Topcon Total Station GTS-102N battery / TBB-2 / total stations battery the BT-52QA Topcon, battery thumb
Topcon Total Station GTS-102N battery / TBB-2 / total stations battery the BT-52QA Topcon, battery thumb

Topcon Total Station GTS-102N battery / TBB-2 / total stations battery the BT-52QA Topcon, battery


Cheap topcon total station, Buy Quality total station directly from China total station topcon Suppliers: Topcon Total Station GTS-102N battery / TBB-2 / total stations battery the BT-52QA Topcon, battery

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  Figure I Billiton Pukang original silver-gray TBB-2 battery 2300mAH capacity 7.2V voltage
  Silver gray battery shell TBB-2 battery yellow shell is BT52QA battery battery Universal
  Total station battery maintenance and maintenance  
    Proper use of the Total Station use nickel-metal hydride batteriesAnd lithium batteriesAnd can achieve the purpose of the extended battery life .   Use of lithium batteries should note the following: 1. The opening of the new battery to battery to achieve the best performanceAnd the new battery is only 2 ¯ 3 full charge and discharge cycles to achieve optimal capacityAnd each charging time of 12h ~~ 14h. Save more than 1 month use nickel-metal hydride batteries and 3 months unused lithium batteries also have similar characteristics. 2. Routine maintenance (1) lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries in useAnd do not charge the battery is completely depleted before. OtherwiseAnd the battery power is lowAnd causing irreversible damageAnd affecting battery power. (2) the day-to-day useAnd not just charged the battery immediately recharge. Otherwise it will affect the battery performance. (3) when the instrument is not in useAnd be sure to remove the battery save. (4) Do not get it wet. (5) in the temperature range of 0 ~ 45 to charge the battery. (6) Do not use a metal conductor connection poles of the batteryAnd the battery into a pocket or mix with other itemsAnd so as not to cause a short circuit and damage the batteryAnd and even dangerous. (7) Do not knock the acupunctureAnd stampedeAnd modificationAnd the sun and the batteryAnd not the battery is placed in a microwaveAnd high pressure environment. (8) Do not place any objects soldered to the battery. St

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
Package Size 15cm x 12cm x 4cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 1.57in)
DIY Supplies Electrical
Model Number TBB-2
name Topcon
Color Classification Original assembly

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